On this page you can read some of our customer reviews. Find out who is doing business with us and why they keep doing business with us!

“We thank Explore Dairy for supplying and exporting us our second shipment of Dairy Holsteins into the UAE. The quality and condition of the Heifers is outstanding.”

– Hamad Al Neyadi, Owner of Emirates Dairy.

 “Thank you Explore Dairy on the completion of our order of cattle. It was a pleasure visiting you during selection and can proudly say Explore Dairy staff advised me on selection in order to achieve the perfect line of heifers with great capacity and type.”

– Professor Azmi Seri, leading vet at the Malaysian Department of Agriculture.

“We have done a few shipments through Explore Dairy I must say there staff, quality, and expertise in the Dairy livestock industry is outstanding.”

– Manuel Luan, Alfalfa Dairy

“Great company great staff, looking forward to more contracts.”

– Ho Wang, Zing Dairy Farms and Livestock

“Reliable company pleasure doing business with”

– Saif Almansoori, Kheir Dairy Farms

“Quality cattle Explore Dairy have supplied us thank you”

– Lu Wong

“We have imported 3 shipments through Explore Dairy their Dairy knowledge is outstanding and good quality Cattle.”

– Wei Shum

“Good company, we got the same heifers we selected smooth transaction”

– Baraka Farms

“Great Holstein Suppliers”

– Phung Trung

“Really happy with the process from beginning till arrival of our Heifers, good quality Heifers thank you Explore Dairy”

– Nue Chuan