Illawarra Dairy Cattle


This breed of dairy cattle was introduced by an Australian dairymen who used superior bloodlines from a number of dairy breeds, mainly the Ayshire, Devon and Milking Shorthorn.

This extremely hardy breed can stand weather exceeding 40 degrees Celsius and temps dropping below 0 degrees Celsius. The Illawarra also known as the Australian Illawarra Shorthorn (AIS) make the most out of feed and subsequently don’t require much supplementary feeding.

This breed are excellent producers of large quantities of milk with many cows producing in excess of 40 litres per day. With 305 day lactations it is not uncommon to exceed over 15,000 litres. The milk produced by the Illawarra cattle is moderate in fat and high in protein putting it in the best position to meet the growing world demands for protein.

Australian Illawarra Shorthorn dairy cow heifers available for export


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