Guernsey Dairy Cattle


The Guernsey cow is known for producing high-butterfat, high-protein milk with a high concentration of beta-carotene. This intermediate size cow, consumes approximately 20 to 30 percent less feed per pound of milk compared to larger dairy breeds.

The Guernsey cow is perfect for pasture-based milk production. Due to their their grazing abilities, gentle disposition, calving ease and ability to efficiently produce milk with less feed the Guernsey cow is an ideal candidate for intensive grazing.

Most dairy producers recognise the profit potential and reduced management costs involved with the Guernsey dairy cow.

  • Average age at first calving 24 months
  • Average interval between calves 12 months
  • Average daily milking volume 22 litres
  • Lactation period of 305 days
  • Average lactation milking volume 6,710 litres
  • Guernsey breed are known for their high rating of A2 genetics
  • Guernsey dairy cow heifers available for export.


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